As home inspectors in Snohomish County, King County and beyond we have been working with home buyers, home sellers, and professionals in the real estate industry since 1998. We communicate honestly and effectively with our clients concerning the home condition. We understand the trust our clients place with us, and this is a trust we value highly.

Real estate professionals
For real estate professionals, our work is a commitment to the understanding that their reputation is our responsibility and that a relationship with us reinforces the confidence their clients have in them.

Home buyers
For the home buyer, our work is an objective explanation of the condition of the potential new home to which an emotional tie is already being formed.

Home sellers
For the home seller our work is to honor the home they have lived in, and to report on its condition observed at the time of the inspection.

For all of our customers, Pillar To Post considers the home a place of the heart, as it houses the people that are loved and the memories of lifetimes. This is why we call Pillar To Post The Home of Home Inspection.

Additional Inspection Services Available

There are additional inspection services that we offer in addition to home inspection. These related inspection services include:

  • Pest Inspections
  • Dry Rot Inspections
  • Manufactured Home Foundation Certification
  • Lead Paint Sampling
  • Meth Testing
  • Asbestos Sampling
  • Mold Testing
  • Radon Testing

Each home inspection normally takes around two to four hours to complete, and a detailed report is provided to the client right on site. This report covers more than 1,600 home items and components, and includes color pictures. Clients are encouraged to take part in the inspection process and ask any questions, and this includes after the inspection as well.

What Customers Tell Us

Our customers frequently provide comments and feedback about our services, and we have a very high customer satisfaction. Our customers report that our inspectors are very thorough, and that they arrive on time. Customers also state that we are very professional, and that our reports are provided on site and are very easy to read and understand.

We also get many favorable comments about the time our home inspectors spend ensuring that all questions and concerns are answered. Customers often refer our services to friends and family members.

Realtors refer clients to us as well, for many reasons. We have been told that our services are accurate and professional, and that our home inspectors explain concerns without causing any undue alarm. Our inspectors make sure any comments are in the proper perspective, and Realtors trust us to protect their good reputation.

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